How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

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COVID-19 was not a positive experience for most businesses, and many of them did not deal with the situation too well. There were changes that companies had to get through if they were planning on getting past the pandemic and staying afloat. With nationwide lockdowns taking place across most countries and people staying indoors to be safe, companies started remotely working and getting things done virtually, which was quite helpful but not the same. 

CDA continued dance classes on zoom to engage the dancers and keep them active. CDA also has prerecorded classes sent out for the dancers to view and practice at home.

We were excited to get back to dance in person as soon as possible too and started with outdoor dance classes a summer! CDA teachers loved seeing the dancers in person again. 

One big change covid brought once the studio was open was drop off & pick up for all dancers. While parents were previously waiting for their children in the lobby, the new change meant that they were no longer allowed to do that and would only come by to drop them off and pick them up after class. Having fewer people visit us caused a massive decrease in the number of pro shop sales.

A reminder this Christmas to view our pro shop online and support local!

Additionally, there were a lot of changes made to the way that we were communicating with parents. In the past, we would meet the parents of the dancers and talk to them, but with the new changes, we barely see anyone in person. Most of the communication takes place through emails. We were sending a lot more emails now than we ever have in our lives. Our clients are wonderful and were understanding of the circumstances. There are a lot of distractions when it comes to working from home. We can usually get more work done at an office. I can relate to all people struggling with the work from home routine.

As much as we like the studio, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to our regular dance life. Cleaning protocols take time between classes, and our class sizes are limited by Government rules put in place. CDA has space for more than 10 dancers at 6 feet apart, however are limited to 10 because of the government rules. We at CDA, diligently disinfect the dance floors and barres after each class. Dancers use hand sanitizer on the way in and out as well as stay six feet apart at all times. Furthermore, everyone keeps their masks on. We are taking every precaution to keep our dance family safe, which includes our dancers, their parents, and the staff.

We had to make a lot of changes, other than communication, we had to make changes to the hours that we were putting in. The CDA office hours were affected the most. We no longer encourage or take in any walk-ins and have people coming in by appointment only. Additionally, we use the Calendar app allowing people to book their appointments for any pro shop sales, or to go over their dance account in person;

Along with this web service, we also use allowing people to register on our website securely and rest assured, they would have their client login and can view their account or make secure payments.

We prefer having most of our conversations remotely, so do not encourage people to come by and meet us in person. We highly encourage Zoom meetings for parents, or we tell others to get in touch with us through a phone call 905-836-8040. Additionally, we inform our clients to get through the registration process online or by their phone. Parents have to drop off and pick up their children at the timing provided since we do not allow lobby meetings or waiting in the waiting room either. We do have Zoom set up at the studio so parents can view the class via Zoom if they prefer.

Above everything, we do have virtual dance sessions. If a dancer is not comfortable coming in, CDA encourages them to register for their favourite style of dance and participate via Zoom! They can stay at home and get through the entire course without coming in.

CDA moved out of our Yonge & Mulock location at the end of May during the initial lockdowns. It would have been our 21st annual recital that weekend, and instead, we were packing up from ten years at the location wondering where our new home would be. The landlord was not providing any rent relief for those COVID 19 days. CDA knew without recital, it would not be able to hang on with its current place.

CDA found a new home in September, renovated it and are re-establishing our business. We have endured hardship and will persevere. CDA thanks our customers that have stayed with us and believe in what we do! Our passion is more than just teaching the dance steps; it is teaching positivity, focusing on a goal, accomplishing goals, and striving for more. We have focused on only that, and CDA continues to work hard to serve our community.

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