Ms Anne

Ballet Instructor in Newmarket / Aurora

Anne Sprincis received her dance training and launched her professional career in her native city of Montreal with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, one of Canada's three major dance companies. As a young dancer she was chosen for numerous student roles and appeared with the touring Bolshoi Ballet as a child performer. Her screen debut as a dancer was as guest performer on the CBC television series "Chez Madeleine".

Upon graduating from the professional program of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Anne joined the company under the directorship of Fernand Nault, Brydon Paige and later Brian Macdonald.

After dedicating her youth and early adulthood to LGBC, she moved on to join a newly formed company, Les Ballets de Montreal Eddy Toussaint. There she had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers such as Arnold Spohr, Oscar Ariaz, Domy Reiter-Soffer and Serge Benatan. After touring all over the world and retiring from the company, she continued to work as a freelance dancer and has also extended her career into the realm of acting, appearing in numerous commercials and films.

Anne now actively teaches and choreographs both at CDA Dance and beyond, and has won numerous awards for her ingenuity and creativity in movement and dance.  Her extensive dance knowledge and experience with internationally recognized companies and choreographers help create an exciting environment in which students work both to develop their technique and nurture their creative selves.