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The earliest known ballets were lavish costumed and masked events performed in Italy's renaissance courts. From here, France gave birth to its own brand of ballet in 1581 with the first complete score that survived. Ten years later, Louis XIV opened the Academie Royale de Danse, the first recorded school of ballet.

It is here where the masters were born and where the court ballet opened the doors to professional dancing. Ballet is at the core of CDA's curriculum; it is the place from where all dance forms were born. To master ballet is to master all dance and our programs are among the most comprehensive in Canada. Our classical ballet teachers are highly skilled and trained dancing professionals. Beginner students will receive a rewarding and exciting experience in the technique of classical ballet, from the study of basic feet, arm and body positions to the introduction of the "barre". Here, the fundamentals - ballet exercises, centre practice and dance step combinations - reinforce traditional classical ballet. In the senior level, pupils will develop the technical, artistic and performance skills of the adagio, pirouette and allegro, the prerequisites for eligibility into CDA's advanced pointe classes.

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