Class Information

Class Information

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Preschool Programs ages 18mths-4 yrs. Depending on program vary in length. Preschool 9:30am-11:30am Tuesdays and Thursdays, Kindergym, mommy & me.
Information on Preschool Dance

Pre-primary dancers ages 2-3 or Primary dancers ages 4-5 are provided with half hour classes. We at CDA Dance Inc also keep the class sizes to a maximum of 8 per class!
Information on Primary Dance

Recreational dancers ages 6 and up are placed in 45 min classes. If a dancer decides to take more than one class the prices of each class decreases as you add more to your package. We do our best CDA Dance Inc to keep prices as low as possible so that children who have a love for dance can take more than one class. Please call or drop by the studio for current program prices.

Competitive dancers must first audition or be chosen. CDA Dance Inc is known for our high quality training & award winning competitive team! CDA Dance Inc is very proud of all of our past & current competitive dancers! Our training has produced top dancers that have gone onto professional careers in dance, triple threat, and even run their own successful small dance schools. CDA Dance Inc Competitive dancers must take 1-3 ballet classes per week, Stretch & Strength (S&S) class, and technique classes. During S&S class all competitive routines will be reviewed close to competition time. Ex.line routines are mandatory. Small groups will be chosen from the technique classes. Each dance season produces amazing routines with unqiue choreography! To find out more; book your meeting with our Competitive Director-

Information on CDA's Dance Inc Competitive Team


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