Catherine Scholz, parent, recreational dancer

Catherine Scholz, parent, recreational dancer

Author: CDA Dance Inc |

"Chantal, I can't thank you enough for the amazing year that Gabi has had with CDA Dance Inc. Not only have her Acro skills advanced beyond what I could have ever expected, but her confidence, poise and social skills from interacting with the other dancers have increased dramatically. Gabi was thrilled to attend every class and was enthusiastic about the things she learned and did. Thank you for taking the time to help her improve and for having the patience to deal with her exuberance! Watching her in the recital truly brought tears to our eyes. She has indeed come "a long way, baby!" The trophy with her name on it was truly the icing on the cake for her. She has already got plans to "earn more trophies at Miss Chantal's"! Thank you again and I hope that we will see you again in the fall. Maybe Gabi's joy in dancing will encourage her friends (and maybe her brother?) to join her at CDA Dance Inc next year! Best wishes and have a wonderful summer."


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