What other Bonuses and Activites are offered throughout the year?

Author: CDA Dance Inc |

Many studios offer only weekly dance classes. Studios such as CDA Dance Inc offer much more. We have annual tryouts for the competitive team, for a very minimal fee for technical classes received. Also, every dancer at CDA Dance Inc will get a certificate when you perform at our annual recital. CDA Dance Inc also participates in the Newmarket and Aurora Santa Claus parade with a large float full of dancers. CDA Dance Inc has an annual Halloween party where young dancers can have fun and games in their Halloween costumes. CDA Dance Inc also has movie nights, allowing parents to ‘get out’ for cheaper then a babysitter and know that they are well taken care of and having a movie night themselves. There are lots of activities, with the option to participate or not given to each customer! It is all part of the CDA Dance Inc experience!


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