What are the ‘extras’ required for the year-end show?

What are the ‘extras’ required for the year-end show?

Author: CDA Dance Inc |

Most studios put on a year-end show in a professional theatre. Students that perform in the show must have a costume for their dance numbers. Some studios may require parents to sew their child’s costumes or pay extra to have it adjusted. This can be inconvenient and frustrating for parents who are busy and do not sew. CDA Dance Inc uses our own professional seamstresses to alter the costumes so parents do not have to worry about any costume hassles. Our studio also has our tickets available for purchase on-line so you do not have to stand in long lines to purchase tickets. Finally, we are known for putting on the best, most professionally run recitals in town! Students and parents alike look forward to the year-end spectacular and are thrilled to be a part of it each year.


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